Dr Louise Livesey

Programme Co-ordinator, MA Women’s Studies
Tutor in Sociology and Women's Studies
01865 759627

Dr. Louise Livesey is co-ordinator of Women's Studies and Tutor in Sociology.

Her main research interests lie in sexual violence against women and children and especially matters around disclosure. She also writes on feminist theory, third wave feminism, feminist educational practice and queer theory.

Louise is also an activist and has had recently involvement with widening participation, the Feminist Library (London), London 3rd Wave and London Feminist Network.

She is also a playwright and her first play Burnt Offerings premiered at The White Bear Theatre, London in 2004.


Aune, K & Livesey, L (forthcoming) “Reclaiming the F Word: Younger Feminists, Older Feminists and (Mis)Communication” for collection edited by Kellie Bean (publication details and final title to be confirmed)

Livesey,L (forthcoming) “To Tell or Not to Tell? Dilemma's of disclosure of childhood violences and their relevance for contemporary practice with young people” for collection edited by Jane Reeves (publication details and final title to be confirmed)

Livesey, L (2005) “Contesting Globalisation?” International Feminist Journal of Politics, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 151-155(5)

Livesey, L & Throsby, K (2004) Co-edited Special Edition of Journal of International Women�s Studies based on the winning entries of the Women's Studies Network (UK) Association undergraduate and graduate Essay Competitions also Introductory Essay entitled New Writings in Women's Studies: Selected Essays from the First Women's Studies Network (UK) Association Essay Contest
The Journal can be accessed at http://www.bridgew.edu/SoAS/jiws/Mar04/index.htm.

Livesey, L (2002) “Telling it Like It Is: Understanding Adult Women's Lifelong Disclosures of Childhood Sexual Abuse” in C. Horrocks, K. Milnes, B. Roberts and D. Robinson (eds.) Narrative, Memory and Life Transitions (Huddersfield University Press; Huddersfield)

Livesey, L (2001) “Third Person Neuter: Some thoughts on teaching gender neutral materials” A. Assiter, C Brittain and C. Brina, Millennial Visions (Cardiff University Press: Cardiff)