English Literacy


Good English and Maths are vital assets in today’s job market as well as in everyday life.

Have you suddenly realised that English and Maths are a critical requirement, not only in life but also for your career as well? The good news is Ruskin College appreciates this and is pleased to be able to offer courses designed specifically for adult learners.

Many of our students have discovered that in order to progress onto the next stage of their career, change careers or even simply to assist their family with homework, English and Maths skills are important and crucial to their everyday lives.

Improve your skills and confidence in English.  Worried about spelling?  Not sure about punctuation? Want to help your kids with homework but not sure about the answers? Our Improving your English classes can help you.

We can help you read, write and speak with confidence.


Weekly Morning Class – Improving your Reading and Writing

Friday morning's 10am - 12noon

Friday 15th January 2016 -  Friday 18the March 2016


Friday 22nd April 2016 - Friday 24the June 2016


Weekly Evening Class - Functional Skills English (you will need to attend both terms)

Tuesday evening's 6.00 - 8.30pm

Tuesday 12th January 2016 - Tuesday 15th March 2016


Tuesday 19th April 2016 – Tuesday 21st June 2016


Build your confidence in English

Come and stay at the college for 6 nights whilst developing your skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Part one:  Tuesday 3rd November 2015 - Thursday 5th November 2015, 10am - 3pm each day

Part two:  Tuesday 10th November 2015 - Thursday 12th November 2015, 10am - 3pm each day


Part one:  Tuesday 12th January 2016 – Thursday 14th January 2016, 10am - 3pm each day

Part two: Tuesday 19th January 2016 - Thursday 21st January 2016,  10am - 3pm each day


Part one:  Monday 25th April 2016 – Wednesday 27th April 2016,  10am - 3pm each day

Part two:  Tuesday 3rd May 2016 -Thursday 5th May 2016, 10am - 3pm each day



Tuition costs - all English courses are free from tuition fees provided you don't currently have A*- C in GCSE English.

Accommodation & food costs - you may be eligible for free accommodation and food subject to benefits status and household income.  For details click here.

Childcare - If your household income is less than £30,944 we may be able to provide support with childcare costs whilst you attend the course.  Please ring 01865 759600.

Apply for these courses

To apply for this short course please download the Short Course Application Form  here