Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC)

Terms of Reference

The Academic Quality and Standards Committee is the key location for academic policy making and quality assurance arrangements. The Academic Quality and Standards Committee has responsibility for determining and monitoring

a) policy issues relating to teaching and learning, research and scholarship

b) criteria for the admission of students

c) teaching and learning strategy, including assessment

d) the appointment and removal of external examiners and external advisers

e) the content and development of the curriculum

f) academic quality standards, including annual monitoring of courses, and validation and revalidation of courses

g) quality assurance policy and procedures

h) arrangements for self-assessment, inspection and review

i) performance targets including success rates

j) equal opportunities policy and procedures

k) procedures for the award of qualifications, subject to the requirement of validating and accrediting bodies

l) procedures for the deregistration of students for academic reasons

m) the development of academic activities of the college, and the resources needed to support them

n) staff development policy and procedures


Principal, Academic Advisers, External Advisers, Dean, General Secretary, Academic Co-ordinators, Librarian, IT Systems Manager, Quality Officer, Academic Registrar, one staff representative from each Programme Board, and one student representative from each Programme Board.




Quality Officer

Frequency and Reporting

Four meetings a year, usually in December, March, June and September, reporting to the Governing Executive.