Ruskin Radical Research Unit


The Ruskin Radical Research Unit (RRRU) is based on a major development proposal that seeks to re-establish an institutional base for research at Ruskin College in support of the Trade Union movement, as well as more broadly across the College’s core subject areas. The proposal both revives and extends the work of the previous Trade Union Research Unit (TURU), which was created in 1966 by then Principal John Hughes, along with Sue Hastings, whose research of pensions and pay has played an important informative role for the British labour movement. The proposal was formally adopted by the Governing Executive in the summer of 2014.

The Ruskin Radical Research Unit will:

  • Provide a space in which staff and post-graduate students can develop their own capacity in higher level learning and research
  • Create ‘pathways’ of learning through Ruskin College, and instil the expectation of higher learning in all Ruskin students, no matter at what level they enter the college
  • Build up students’ research skills across college teaching, for example by contributing units on research skills for example in the Access course
  • Developing outputs from research in formats that are relevant and useful to teaching on Ruskin courses – across all subjects.

Furthermore, the RRRU would provide a space in which radical methodologies and pedagogies can be developed and showcased. Eventually, it could become a national centre for the development of radical and inclusive pedagogies, and engaged, action research methodologies. This is a space that is desperately needed in higher education today, to understand and challenge the current repression of dissenting knowledge and action. 


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For more information please contact Dr Peter Dwyer, Head of Higher Education on 01865 759600.