Baljeet Singh Gill

Programme Coordinator for Community Development and Youth Work

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Baljeet Singh Gill

I started off my youth and community work career in 1973 as a senior helper, volunteer, and part-time youth worker at youth clubs, Boy’s Clubs, Intermediate Treatment centres and the Racial Equality Council in Wolverhampton before qualifying at Westhill College on their BEd (JNC) Youth and Community course.  I have been a community development and youth worker in Rochdale and Lancashire.  A drugs education worker in Blackburn, training officer or equivalent role in all of my posts, Community Development worker in Warwick, Youth Inclusion Project Manager in Halifax and the Operations Manager in Blackpool.

I have also worked as a consultant trainer for 30 years for various local, regional and national agencies including Manchester University, specialising in youth and community work, anti-oppressive training and experiential group work. 

In 2007 I joined Ruskin College as the coordinator of the Foundation Degree in Youth and Community Work.  In 2008 we began offering the BA (Hons) in Youth and Community Work and in 2016 with the team of students, fieldwork managers and the tutor team we developed a new BA (Hons) Community Development and Youth Work.

I was a trustee of various voluntary organisations in Lancashire and Oxfordshire. I have also been an External Examiner in many other universities as well as an advisor to those seeking validation.

Prior to becoming a full-time Youth and Community Work, I completed my apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering. I was a Fire-fighter for a year and an electrician and did a number of other jobs such as being a security guard.



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