Dr Carol Edwards

Learning Development Tutor

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Dr Carol Edwards

I have been a Learning Development Tutor at Ruskin College since 2012, and previously worked in the same capacity at the University of Leicester from 2006. My aim in this work is to demystify academia for students, and to support them in developing the confidence and skills to engage successfully in their courses.

Prior to working within education, I worked in healthcare research; first with the University of Oxford’s Unit of Healthcare Epidemiology, then with the Royal College of Nursing. And prior to that I worked in the field of transport; first in public transport market research, then in traffic management and road traffic accident analysis.

Throughout these different career areas, the linking thread has been my strong interest in human behaviour and human understanding, which had initially led me to study for a degree in Psychology at the University of Newcastle.

Away from work I spend most of my time running round forests, moors, sand dunes, campuses etc with a map and compass, all round the UK and further afield. I am a qualified and practising orienteering coach.


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