Dr Muhammad Khan

Tutor in Community Development and Youth Work

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Dr Muhammad Khan

The issues and questions that animate my writing and research have often centred on issues of identity and belonging.  This has often meant that my approach to subjects have  been inter disciplinary drawing on religion, humanities generally and pedagogy, where this sometimes takes me is anybody’s guess as the students I work with will tell you.

My community development and youth work practice found inspiration and meaning in what have been described as challenging or disadvantaged neighbourhood moving in and out of practice, management and policy. Whilst my writing has often focussed on issues faced by Muslim young people as they have found themselves in the gaze of the state and the questions and challenges that this has bought. This interest found itself developing the notion of Muslim youth work and in establishing the Muslim Youthwork Foundation, a national charity with a focus on informing youth work practice with Muslim young people.

At the heart of these (often)  misadventures has been the belief in the transformative power of education taking inspiration  from the work of  Paulo Freire and the importance of struggle in both the naming of issues and the action required.


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Edited  journal

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Study Community Development and Youth Work at Ruskin College.

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