Guy Langton

Quality Officer

01865 759626 | Email
Guy Langton

I work four days a week as the College’s Quality Officer (normally Mondays and Wednesdays to Fridays).

The purpose of my role:

To manage the processes for quality assurance and quality enhancement for the College and to manage the administration Higher Education assessment and examinations processes.

My duties and responsibilities include:

  • Co-ordination and management of the College’s quality systems.

  • Overall responsibility for the management of the College’s Quality Framework, including maintenance of an up to date Quality Handbook.

  • Clerk to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee and monitoring the proper conduct of Programme Boards.

  • Oversight of the administration of the College’s assessment processes and management of Examination Boards.

  • Administrative oversight of the development, review and publication of College Policies and Procedures that form the Quality Handbook.

  • Taking the administrative lead for inspections, reviews and audits, and acting as the nominated person for the QAA review of higher education delivery.

  • Assisting with the management and monitoring the College’s Action Plans.

  • Collation of annual monitoring reports to Validating Bodies, assisting with the preparation of the Self-Assessment Report and monitoring actions and academic performance targets.

  • Maintenance of the student complaint register.

  • Preparation of relevant reports for College and Governing Executive Committees including survey and data reports as requested.

  • Handling and analysing college-wide student feedback data, (cross-college surveys, destination surveys).

  • Organisation of learner focus groups and quality events.

  • Ensuring the quality assurance and enhancement requirements of validating and professional bodies are met within the annual and periodic cycles.

  • Providing administrative support to validations and revalidation events.

Undertaking quality assurance and enhancement inductions and relevant staff development.

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