Sue Ledwith

Visiting Tutor MA International Labour and Trade Union Studies [full and part time]

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Sue Ledwith

Sue teaches Labour Studies and Women's Studies, at all levels, including short trade union courses. Sue researches and writes about women, and gender politics in trades unions, and has worked on ESRC funded projects.

Sue is currently leading a two-year research and development project, jointly with the General Federation of Trade Unions, and funded by the Union Modernisation Fund, about trade union leadership.

Sue runs a regular Round Table at Ruskin for trade union women activists and academic women researching in the field.

She works on union projects such as gender equality campaigning programme with Ukrainian public sector unions, and Ruskin's Webb Institute for Leadership in Democracy.

In addition the MA also benefits from tutoring by Visiting Fellows, for example from Denmark, Germany, Australia and Canada, and visiting speakers and researchers, including from the labour movement and NGOs.


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