Ruskin College Strategic Plan

Students First - Protecting our history and securing our future  - 3 Year Strategic Plan, 2017-2020

Ruskin College has been providing educational second chances since 1899. We offer life changing opportunities to adults with few or no qualifications. This ethos is central to everything that happens at Ruskin and must be protected and cherished. However, the world is changing rapidly and we must adapt and modernise to ensure that we remain relevant, stable, and responsive. We must make sure that we are producing students who can thrive in this changing world. If we want to continue enriching lives and improving our student's chances of success in an increasingly competitive environment we must review what we do, how we do it, and what we offer. 

This three-year strategic plan (2017-2020) ‘Students First’ clearly sets out how we will respond to those challenges. It sets out our vision for preparing Ruskin for a changing world. We will do this by simultaneously protecting our history whilst securing our future. The 10 ‘Strategic Priorities’ and actions in this plan are closely linked to the existing ‘Strategic Aims’. This new clarity will enable the plan’s progress to be monitored at all levels of the college. I look forward to working with all members of the Ruskin community to make this plan a success. 
Paul Di Felice