Webb Institute for Leadership in Democracy


Leadership = Inspiration + Motivation + Clear Direction.

Our Leadership@Ruskin programmes develop activists’ critical leadership skills allowing them to become more confident in challenging and changing existing norms. Our experienced tutors design and deliver bespoke training packages for UK and international trade unions, NGOs and other Civil Society groups. 

As a conduit for this learning and knowledge, The Webb Institute for Leadership in Democracy at Ruskin College brings together different organisations to encourage knowledge exchange and partnership working for common outcomes. 

The Webb Institute for Leadership and Democracy was created in 2006 with the aim of developing trade union and NGO activists from those countries in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans that have been transitioning to a more democratic political regime. It was created with the financial support of the Webb Memorial Trust, which has a long history of supporting students at Ruskin. 

Our leadership programmes are aimed at people from all backgrounds, from grassroots activists to senior managers. Our approach to training is based on  four key areas: 

  • Theory 
  • Skills and practice 
  • Personal reflection and development 
  • Civil society and democracy

 Previous courses designed and run by Leadership@Ruskin, both in the UK and internationally, have included

  • Women and Leadership 
  • Effective Campaigning 
  • Building Leadership in Democratic Organisations 
  • Organisational Change 

Programmes are available either at our residential base in Oxford or in-country, at competitive rates. For more information and for details of costs please contact: Tracy Walsh, Academic Co-ordinator for Law and International Labour and Trade Union Studies (ILTUS) on 01865 759634.