Yash Tandon


Yash Tandon was a visiting speaker at Ruskin College on january 8th 2016.

Yash Tandon is from Uganda and has worked at many different levels as an academic, a teacher, a political thinker, a rural development worker, a civil society activist, and an institution builder. He was involved in the democratic struggles in Uganda and was member of the interim Uganda Parliament (1979-80). In 1997 he founded the Southern and Eastern Trade information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) of which he is still the Chairman. It is an NGO which seeks to build African capacity to negotiate, among others, on trade, investment and intellectual property issues. From 2005 to 2009, he was the Executive Director of the Geneva-based South Centre which is an inter-governmental think-tank of the South. More about Yash can be found here