After 70 years of NHS, why is Health in Crisis?

Ruskin College held a three day health symposium at the beginning of April. The event was both to celebrate 70 years of the National Health Service and timed to coincide with World Health Day, April 7. The book, Global Health Watch (5) was also launched at the event.

Held in the Ruskin Annex at Exeter College, Walton Street, Oxford, the symposium was a tremendous success drawing in over 70 people during the course of the three days. Those attending included students from the college, local health workers and health activists, local social care leaders and many others. Speakers at the event include Alex Scott Samuel, retired Professor of Health Inequalities from Liverpool University, Dr Anuj Kapilishrami from Edinburgh University and People’s Health Movement activist and Penny Thewlis, CEO of Oxfordshire Age UK.  Sessions on health inequality, the state of the NHS, the crisis in social work and much more were all well attended and often sparked full and frank exchanges of views.

There was a general demand for more of such events on a wide range of topics and Ruskin fully intends to develop this space in the centre of Oxford as the base for regular open to the public debates and discussions in the future.

Download the Presentations from the conference below:

  • The politics of health inequalities

Download Professor Alex Scott-Samuel, chair Socialist Health Association's presentation

  • Do we have an 'ageing population'?

Download Dr Lee Humber Programme Lead Health and Social Care studies at Ruskin College's presentation
Download Penny Thewlis CEO Oxfordshire Age UK's presentation

  • Our NHS, a radical critique: Jewel in the Crown or a missed opportunity?

Download Dr Lee Humber Programme Lead Health and Social Care studies at Ruskin College's presentation

  • The life of a GP in these neoliberal times

Download Jackie Turner, GP, Trade Unionist and Socialist candidate in the London Assembly elections' presentation

  • What happened to the promises of Alma Atta

Download Dr. Anuj Kapilashrami, Global Public Health Unit  & Global Development Academy, People’s Health Movement UK/ Scotland's presentation

  • Social Work in Crisis

Download Dr Desmond McDermott's presentation

  • Introducing 999 Call for the NHS  and the campaign against Accountable Care Organisations

Download Joanne Land, Ruskin College student's presentation