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Student blog - my Ruskin experience

Student blog - my Ruskin experience

Where you live?

I currently live in Barton and have done since 2011.

What are you studying?

I am currently studying the Certificate in Higher Education - Law.

Why did you come to Ruskin College?

I came to Ruskin because I wanted a change in direction. I had worked for 10 years in the catering and hospitality industry and felt that it was time that I pursued my interest in the Law.

Having left school at 16 I had no A-levels so I was unable to go on to study at University straight away, I came across Ruskin by recommendation of my brother-in-law who had studied there also. I found that the Certificate in Higher Education could be used to bridge the gap and enable me to go to University to study. I met my tutors at an open day and found them to be very engaging and down to earth, I was able to have a good conversation with them and decided that I would apply to study here full time.

Your experience on the course and of the College

Overall my experience of both the course and college has been really good. My tutor Gerard Ward in particular has been fantastic; he has really made the course engaging, challenging and fun.

A lot of people at Ruskin myself included have been out of Education for a while (the first assignment I did for this course was the first essay I had written in 10 years). Because of this there is a lot of help provided from both your personal tutor and the college as a whole.

There are various people you can go to for help at Ruskin, such as people who can help you polish up your essays, help workshops, IT drop in sessions, as well as the college providing a counselling service that you can attend to talk about anything that may be affecting you academic or otherwise.

One of the main things I like about Ruskin is that the library is open 24/7 so you can always go and do some work no matter what time of day it is, the library is well stocked and the guy in charge of the library Ray is really helpful. If they don’t have the book you want they will most likely order it in for you. There are plenty of computers to use and the café there provide a good range of food and drinks to keep you going.

 There are also a lot of things to do outside of your study. There are various talks, lectures and performances that you can go to. Ruskin has an active student union that provide quizzes, film nights and other events that you can attend along with an annual summer ball.

What your plans are going forward?

My next step after completing the course at Ruskin will be to go onto University to study the Law LLB, I haven’t quite decided which one yet but I have offers back from 5 Universities.

Would you recommend others to study here?

I would really recommend Ruskin to anyone who may have been out of education for a while and is looking to get back into it. Ruskin provides a supportive and relaxed approach to study; the courses will challenge you and will allow you to develop yourself personally as well as your knowledge in the area that you choose to study. Ruskin will help you grow and will allow you to mix with a range of different people who all have their own experiences, opinions and ambitions. I feel that Ruskin has helped prepare me for going onto to a degree at University and would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to do the same.

Written by Shawn Cooper, Law Student

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