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Student blog - why Ruskin?

Student blog - why Ruskin?

It wouldn’t be uncommon to find a teenager who was confused as to how to go about in shaping his interests and future; I was no different. Although I enjoyed English, Maths and History among other subjects at school, organised and institutionalised studies didn’t resonate with me directly and took me a while to get a grasp of juggling discipline and wanting to do what felt right and at times what felt good.

After a few turbulent years of working and at times doing nothing, I felt a pull back from academia which made me flick though books on philosophy which eventually led to researching courses which I could get onto and pursue reading in the field of my interests.

Upon research, I found Ruskin College to be an accepting environment with a dash of panache for being different. I had heard stories of Christopher Hitchens going to the college to read banned books to the first meeting of the suffragettes being held there. An interview or two later after my application I decided to read law without thinking too much ahead.

As I find myself to be an introvert I was pleased to find a small class size with very involved tutors who had the ability to guide the class to get a well-rounded depth of knowledge in both jurisprudence and familiarity with articles and statutes.  Furthermore, the College library was open twenty-four hours and as I was a Ruskin resident it gave me the excuse to never study in the day! I also had the privilege of meeting students from various backgrounds and cultures across the globe from whom I received a native perspective on global issues.

However, the aspect I cherish most is Ruskin College reminded me how to learn again and fall in love with the process and inevitably gave me the hope to plan a future. My plans going forward is to pursue reading law and jurisprudence for the next few years of my life at University and then on to a legal career.

A serene environment in a College riddled with history and political discussions in every corner are just a few reasons to apply. I wouldn’t just recommend prospective students who have had education as an after-thought for a while to apply to the College but also any students who are serious about pursing a legal career as the course really does give an essential foundation to be able go onto a degree courses with confidence.

Written by Aneesh Bhadra, Law Student

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