GCSE - 1 Year

Weekly classes will run from September until July

Tuesday  6.00-8.30pm (Part-time)

at Ruskin Hall Campus, Old Headington, Oxford, OX3 9BZ

Contact Us:  01865 759798

You will have an opportunity to work towards an OCR GCSE in mathematics.

On enrolling, you will take an initial assessment which will be used to determine whether you should be entered at Foundation or Higher level. This will be followed by a diagnostic assessment which will identify personal learning targets for you as an individual.

The classes will involve whole group teaching to cover core topic areas as well as giving you opportunities to work on your personal learning goals in the presence of a teacher.

You will have access to a variety of learning resources, some paper-based and others IT-based.

The core topics are Number, Algebra, Graphs, Ratio/Proportion, Geometry, Pythagoras/Trigonometry and Probability/Statistics. These topics will be taught through a mixture of visual presentation, discussion and (where appropriate) practical activities.

Right from the start, the focus will be on tackling exam-style questions and you will be encouraged to practise exam questions in your own time and to bring them to class to discuss.


As students of the college, you will have access to the Ruskin's library and to its IT facilities and you will be encouraged to use these resources to help with your learning as independent study is a key feature of success at GCSE.

At the end of the course, you will sit three formal examinations of 1½ hours each and your performance in these exams will determine your grade. If you are entered at Foundation Level, the maximum grade you can get is 5 whilst a candidate entered at Higher level could in theory get the maximum grade of 9.

If you do not already hold a GCSE graded A-C, this course will be fully funded and no fees will be payable.  

You are entitled to fee remission if you do not have higher education qualifications (Level 4 and above) and are: 

1. Receiving Job seekers Allowance (JSA) including if you are receiving National Insurance Credits only

2. Receiving Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) and are in a work-related activity group (WRAG)

3. Receiving Universal credit because you are unemployed and are required to undertake skills training

4. Unemployed and receiving and other state benefits and believe that attending the course will help you enter employment.

You will need to identify which category you fit into and also send photocopied evidence of your benefits. 

Accommodation And Food Costs

If you receive benefits and do not have to pay tuition fees then you do not have to pay for your accommodation and food.  If you do have to pay tuition fees, provided your household income is less than £30,944 then you do not have to pay for your accommodation and food. 

If you do have to pay tuition fees and your household income is more than £30,944 then you will have to pay your accommodation and food. Your accommodation costs will be £39 per night and your meals will cost £19.50 for each day of the course. 

Childcare Support 

If your household income is less than £30,944, then we may be able to provide support with childcare costs whilst you attend the course.  

Entry Requirements & How to Apply MORE INFORMATION

There are no academic requirements for entry to the course but you will need to demonstrate that you are capable of working at GCSE level in maths.

To apply for this course please click Apply Now and we will get in touch. Alternatively you can ring the Further Education office on 01865 759798. You can also email us at


GCSE maths is often a prerequisite for acceptance onto programmes of higher education. In addition, it is a valuable qualification in its own right, demonstrating as it does an individual's competence at dealing with number and quantity, at grasping abstract concepts and at strategic thinking. As such, it is highly regarded by employers and can be a gateway into many rewarding careers.