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  • 16th September 2019

    Alumni blog: Reaching my potential thanks to Ruskin

    Anna Buckingham graduated with 1st class honours from the Community Development & Youth Work BA (Hons) programme and went on to open a Bilingual Early Childhood Centre in New Zealand. My time at Ruskin was really challenging and not always comfortable. But I really wanted to learn what the tutors offered. When I felt my own resistance I tried even harder to understand. Then I got the most ...

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  • 16th September 2019

    Alumni blog: I owe Ruskin a great deal

    Louise Evans studied on the Community Development & Youth Work BA (Hons) programme, graduating with first class honours in 2009. I first attended Ruskin in 2005. I had completed my first year of a part-time three year Foundation Degree in Youth and Community Work at another university and moved house. I transferred to Ruskin to complete years 2 and 3 to gain my JNC status. It was a big ...

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  • 16th September 2019

    Alumni blog: Ruskin gave me the confidence to make a difference

    Will Patrick studied on the Community Development & Youth Work BA (Hons) programme from 2010 to 2013. ​ After leaving secondary school, followed by a year at college, I told myself I was never going back to study ever again. After seeing Ruskin in my early twenties and meeting the tutors, it gave me some insight into how further and higher education is approached at the College and it w...

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  • 15th September 2019

    Alumni blog: Overcoming major obstacles to succeed

    Rachael Levine studied on a 3-day residential Creative Writing course at Ruskin in 2010. Having endured a tough upbringing and a life of physical and emotional hardships, she dug deep and, with a little help from Ruskin, made a success of her life. At school, Rachael was a gifted and talented student. She wanted to be a Doctor. At home, her father had left, and her mother, a nurse, struggled t...

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  • 16th April 2019

    Alumni blog: Remembering my time at Ruskin

    I arrived from Liverpool at Ruskin College on 7 October 1968, being dropped off by taxi at Headington Hall. I was just 22 years of age and was a member of DATA (the Draughtsmen and Allied Technicians' Association). I had for six years been a Draughtsman at Cammell Laird shipbuilders in Birkenhead. The then-Principal at Ruskin was Billy Hughes, former Labour MP for Wolverhampton West and also a...

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  • 30th May 2018

    Student blog: Go on give it a go

    It was in 2016 when I first thought, I need to be stretched in my thinking and preconceived ideas on life. I needed to be challenged that there is more out there than just my blinkered view on the way the world works and more to the point how I could make a difference. Following a discussion with Jo my wonderful wife, she suggested I looked at an MA, my first reaction to that was, I am not goo...

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  • 4th May 2018

    Alumni blog: Thank you Ruskin, you changed my life

    Prior to going to Ruskin College I was a craft bookbinder and trade union activist (SOGAT). Before that I was at a non-supportive secondary school, and being dyslexic I was in the ‘remedial’ class, so I came out of school with two low grade CSE’s. But I loved books so decided to become a bookbinder. To cut a long story short when I was an apprentice I became involved in trade unionism an...

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  • 19th March 2018

    Alumni blog: At Ruskin I was challenged – and very happy

    I attended Ruskin between 1966 and 1968, on a Robert Addy Hopkinson Labour Party scholarship, leaving to take up a place and a further scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge to read political economy. I graduated 2 years later, having been excused the first year Prelims as I had obtained a distinction in the Oxford University Diploma in Social Studies at Ruskin. My two years at Ruskin were ...

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  • 27th February 2018

    On This Day at Ruskin: National Women’s Liberation Conference

    48 years ago, on 27th February 1970 Ruskin College played host to the first ever National Women’s Liberation Conference. Ruskin students Arielle Aberson and Sally Alexander worked with historian Sheila Rowbotham and initially intended to set up a women’s history conference. However, upon realising that women’s history had hardly ever been recorded they decided to focus the conference o...

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  • 9th January 2018

    Alumni blog: Life after Ruskin College

    During my second and final year at Ruskin I applied to University College, Durham, and for two courses at the University of Manchester. I also put down York and some other place to make up the numbers. Both York and the other place asked me for interview but I declined the requests as both Durham and Manchester left me with three degree courses to choose from, having made their offers as part of ...

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