• 5th July 2017

    Education and social change in the era of radical opportunity and uncertainty

    In an era of radical opportunity the labour and allied movement needs to be equipped with the ideas, strategy and skills to meet the challenges and opportunities emerging. We live in an age of ‘radical uncertainty’. So says the associate editor of one of the most influential papers in Europe: (see Wolfgang Munchau: Politicians and investors adapt to the age of radical uncertainty, Fin...

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  • 30th June 2017

    Attention all those in need of something different!

    I hated school; I skived off as much as possible. The teachers bored me and I never felt like I learnt anything, so I left as soon as I could. I was 15, headstrong and foolish. I decided to leave without sitting my GCSE exams. Years later, I wasn’t very happy drifting through life and the challenge of change through education stirred my soul again and again. In a messy bed-sit on a run-down ...

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  • 15th June 2017

    The General Election Result: Social Democracy Roars Back into Life

    We have just, as the veteran broadcaster Jon Snow remarked on Friday, witnessed ‘one of the most remarkable election results in modern British history’ – and it is a result, moreover that has fundamentally shifted the basic coordinates of politics in Britain. Political ‘business as usual’ as we have known it for the past few decades is, quite simply, over. Though the Tories won the&n...

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  • 9th June 2017

    Making a mockery of ‘care’

    Tory manifesto pledges with regard to health and social care continue their increasingly desperate efforts to make changes at a structural level to the way the UK provides health-related services. This paper looks at the two central planks of these aims, the pledge for extra cash to the NHS and the plan to include the property assets of older people when calculating how much individuals need to p...

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