Oxford Access Centre

Oxford Access Centre (OAC) is a DSA-QAG Accredited Centre.

We provide a complete professional assessment service, undertaking assessments of all Funding Bodies and Institutions. We charge a single assessment fee which will cover all work required for the duration of the course studied. Including:

  • Additional needs with which a student presents
  • Any activities carried out by the assessor or centre to review the student’s DSA support, for the duration of the original course.
  • Liaison with funding bodies, equipment suppliers, HEIs when reviewing students support needs.

Our key commitments are to:

  • Assess students with all disabilities and make referrals to other relevant professionals, where appropriate.
  • Commit to respond to enquiries the same day as received
  • Maintain key performance indicators in line with the Quality Assurance Document (QAF)
  • Aim to complete and submit needs assessment reports within ten working days of the assessment interview, although this may be sooner.
  • Arrange assessments, which can be held on weekends or evenings if necessary
  • Actively liaise with all stakeholders involved in the DSA process

All of our assessors have appropriate training, professional experience and qualifications.

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