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About Owain Davies, RSU President, Hi, I'm Owain the RSU president! I came to Ruskin as I have a background in the trade union industry and I found that the college's ethos was in line with beliefs. As a trade unionist, I have experience in representing members in meetings whilst organising and running campaigns and I found that I really enjoyed it. As a result of this, I applied to be the RSU president as I felt like I have a lot to offer the students. We are ensuring that we continue the great work of the previous student union and we hope to build on their hard work. With the skills and talent of Ruskin student union, we will set up events and parties and make the college a fun experience for all. There is plenty on as well, we have a Ruskin Stand up to Racism Group, a Labour Student Society group and so much more! So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as the president and I look forward to the rest of the year.


About Robert Harris, RSU Executive member,  As a former student of Ruskin, I was really pleased and frankly, desperate, to be accepted back into Ruskin this academic year. Currently, I am studying Social Political Studies which is the right area of academia for me having previously studied law. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to study again at an institution with its roots in working class movements and an ethical understanding of social justice. Joining the RSU is important for me as I know that students here often come with complex backgrounds and being able to represent and support my peers provides me with great personal satisfaction. 


About Francesco Pilling, RSU Secretary, As someone who left school before getting any qualifications, I had almost given up on a chance at having any further education. Ruskin has not only given me that chance, it’s given me a chance to work with some great people to try and help support and enhance the lives of its students. As someone who has a fairly unconventional background, I feel I am able to offer my full support to students and doing so gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I am also privileged enough to be involved with the Stand Up to Racism movement and the Ruskin Labour society, both of which I also feel help develop my understanding of various issues which may be present in Ruskin, and also on a larger scale. Please don’t hesitate to shoot me or any other member an email if you have any enquiries! 


For more information and to find out how to join the Ruskin Student Union, please contact a member of the team.